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April 14, 2017

Tasker introduction

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This is a brief introduction to Tasker post. Talented and knowledgeable people have already written excellent tutorials on starting with Tasker. Here I will list links to the sites I use the most frequently for help, as well as the links to the plugins I am using.

Reddit has a comprehensive list of links (which is why I’m not attempting to duplicate it here) and an active and supportive community for people already seriously trying their best.
Pocketable articles by Andreas Ødegård. I started with these articles and, while many of the articles are focused on the older version of Tasker, they still have a great deal of basic information and follows a nice progression of difficulty for the beginner’s exploration.
The Tasker Wiki has been setup by the developer for users to share their profiles. I actually have rarely found them to suit my needs. Primarily, because I found it after I started to get the hang of things.
The Userguide is comprehensive and … brief. It is a nice list with descriptions of nearly everything maintained by the developer. Now that I’m more proficient, I find I am using this guide much more frequently but it was challenging at first.
Google Group and G+ group are both active and cover the gamut of bare beginner and wizard adepts. It also covers the gamut of personality types.

APPS and PLUGINS (currently used):
Tasker: the base of all the greatness. $2.99 (I think?) But vastly worth more in entertainment alone than a movie.
AutoApps: This group of plugins can be bought individually, but a yearly subscription is well worth the price for the fun and functionality! Individually they run about $2. These plugins allow for more automation without rooting your device.
Spreadsheet Tasker Plugin: love spreadsheets? You need this plugin!
KWGT or KLWP: these widget and wallpaper creators let you use data that Tasker collects or to trigger Tasker tasks. Yet another fun way to customize your smartphone.

June 11, 2015

Gallery wall: initials

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Ages ago, I mentioned a window picture frame I made for our gallery wall. Since I wanted to add some texture and other interest to the space, I decided to make some initials. I went with an art nouveau font, chose a letter for each of our last names, and printed them in a large size.

I drew the letters free hand to opened diaper boxes; cut the letters  out; then used glue, tape, and scrap cardboard to secure all the fold seams, free edges, and flaps.

2014-11-18 08.41.16

I cut up brown paper bags, tore any straight edges, and dipped in watered down glue. I applied two coats to my letters, letting each layer dry. The second layer covered any holes or bubbly edges from the first.

2014-11-23 12.34.08  2014-11-23 12.33.55

I experimented with paint washes and dry rubbing and, in person, the letters look a great deal like leather!

2014-11-25 11.13.26

I tacked them to the wall and, using paper cut to size of the frames I intend to use, I figured out how I wanted the gallery wall to look.

2014-11-29 13.15.32

This changed a lot before we settled on one.  I want to show how I turned two drawers into shelves before I reveal the finished wall. Stay tuned!

The best thing about this project is it was nearly free! I got to use trash and supplies on hand. I did have to buy another bottle of glue, but $2 is a great price for some large decorative pieces! Yay!

June 3, 2015

More random old house stuff

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I found some more notes about the Corvallis rental and here they are!

kidde_KN-COPP-B-LS_manual Layout 1

Electrical panel:

#15 furnace

#1, 5 and 6 service disconnect and dryer (only)

#7 hot water heater

#9 Service disconnect #2 didn’t do anything visable

#23 kitchen circut, plug by door and garbage disposal

#24 Kitchen circut, oven light, fridge, plug nearest oven

#26 outside recepticles, bathroom lights

#27 Basement, stairs, storage bulb, bonus room

May 27, 2015

Organizing the entryway

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My handy map for organizing my home, Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry, says to organize my entryway next.  I did buy a new bench (after nearly a year of looking at second hand stores) and sorting our stuff was pretty easy … for now.  I know that soon the boys will be leaving everything there and I’ll need to come up with something else to help when that happens.

The thing that is really frustrating me is that it’s not pretty. I keep struggling with this – I can organize things great, but making the space look attractive for cheap is a big challenge for me.  Three hurddlles I’m struggling with are 1) this space is DARK, 2) the ceiling is vaulted, and 3) the office opens here and has some interesting windows I don’t know what to do with.

2015-05-22 10.52.00

2015-05-22 10.53.332015-05-22 10.53.382015-05-22 10.53.43

I do know I’d like to add some pendant lights with yarn ball shades, paint a wall or two a fun color (but I don’t know which walls or what color), and find a large mirrored something to go over the door.  These things will need to be put on hold for now – I have other projects for which I already have the supplies I need to finish first.

March 17, 2015

Organizing Pet Gear

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Once done with my car, I got to do a quick organizing task for Week 18 of Organize Now: Organize Your Pet.  I have two cats, but they own the WHOLE HOUSE and there are a few things that only they use.

Their items were being stored in a cute cat-shaped basket, but the basket is bulky and awkward to use.

2015-03-10 09.39.00

2015-03-10 09.39.57


Once I sorted the items and threw away things that were old or not used, I put them in a plastic tote.

2015-03-10 10.04.10


The tote is rather big, but it will work for now.  The place where it will be stored is next on my list of ‘Big Projects’ and may have the box changed to fit it.

2015-03-10 10.04.46


While I’m using the book chapter by chapter as inspiration and guidance, there are things that have come up that needed immediate attention and are being taken care of out of order. For example, the laundry room isn’t addressed until chapter 28, but we took care of most of that shortly after we moved in and bought new laundry machines.

The cat gear will be stored on a shelf I am going to build in the garage soon. We need the garage more functional than it is and we can’t wait until I get to chapter 42!

Speaking of chapters, I am skipping the next chapter (Week 19: Organize your books, cds, and dvds) because this is actually a HUGE project! My husband has so many of each and, while all of the things are in relatively neat shelves or boxes now, I have an ultimate plan which will take custom cabinetry and we are not ready to do that yet. So, I’m moving on to Week 20: Organize Your Entryway or Mudroom and Week 21: Organize Your Livingroom.

March 12, 2015

Car service tracking

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Since I was organizing my new-to-me car, I decided to be more diligent about tracking the maintenance.  I found a template in Google Drive that looked pretty good, but I wanted to track my fuel purchases as well.  And, since I was going to do that, I decided I needed a way to put the data in the spreadsheet while I am in my car at the gas station.  So with some editing and input from my friend, Amanda, who is more familiar with the formulas and functions, I have a spreadsheet that meets my needs! Woot!

Now, when I’m at the gas station, I can take out my phone and click a bookmark

2015-03-11 03.33.50

that opens the form which will put the data into my spreadsheet.

2015-03-11 03.34.21

The next step is to get the form to return some information, like “Your next _____ will be due in ____ miles.”


March 4, 2015

Car Emergency Kit

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The next suggested area to tackle in the Organize Now! book is the car.  I have not cleaned or organized my car since Robin was born and I used to be quite particular about that.  I deep-cleaned my car at least twice a year: renting a carpet cleaner, using a toothbrush in the door spaces, and waxing the exterior.  Until recently, my car smelled like rotting milk and there were toys and crumbs everywhere.  Once I decided to super clean my car, my parents gave me their old one, so I avoided the cleaning after all, but had to move all of my things out of Bubbles, The Androgynous Adventure Van and into the new car (which has yet to be named).  While I was doing that, I noticed I have a woefully inadequate emergency kit. It worked well for a single gal, but a mother of two wouldn’t last an hour if there was an emergency.

I looked at several webpages to help me decide what to put in my kit, ranging from basic (“all a girl needs is a simple sewing kit and lip gloss!” – well, ok, not that simple or sexist) to complex (“live for 3 days out of your car when the world ends!”) and I have come up with my own lists.  I separated items into several lists to help me mentally and physically compartmentalize them and to provide a timeline for purchasing.  For example, the “Short Term Car Emergency Kit” list is, I think, the most important one to gather first because it’s the most likely to happen; then I’ll work on the “Long Term Emergency” list.

2015-03-01 17.37.34

Printed checklist.

Car Emergency Kit - Google Sheets

I really debated if I wanted to go so far as the “Long Term Emergency” kit.  A simpler, 24 hr kit makes sense to me – even if I’m not stranded in my car for a full day, I could use all those things for spontaneous road trips, or miss-packed vacations.  But, I don’t expect the world to end any day soon and the chances that I’d be in my car AND able to avoid the ensuing traffic jams are slim.  But then I thought

“Unless I veer off the road in the snow somewhere in the mountains!”

“Well, that’s why I don’t drive in the snow,” I responded.

“EXACTLY! When I’m driving in the mountains and a freak, sudden, snow storm I’m not expecting shoves my car into the ravine, I’ll need to be able to keep my children from dying until help arrives.”

… apparently I have gotten more paranoid since having kids. So, my Long Term kit is less “Survive the Zombie Hoards in Luxury and Repopulate the Earth” and more “survive some crazy drastic emergency in relative comfort until someone brings us back to civilization.”

Just a warning here: The more you collect, the more you think of adding! Maybe give yourself a limit by picking your storage containers first.

2015-02-18 15.27.15

Cell phone charger; tissues; pens, pencils, permanent markers, and paper; scissors; plastic bags; and a very simple first aid kit in one of the storage spaces in the front of my car.

2015-02-18 15.26.20

Proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and manuals in the glove compartment.

2015-02-18 15.27.50

Sunglasses, napkins, coin bank, diaper changing kit, and my special knit hat in a basket between the front seats.

2015-02-18 15.24.32

Tire changing supplies (jack, wrench, tire repair) and chains for the car in a hatch at the rear of the car.

2015-03-04 12.48.36

The bulk of the gear is in these containers: a backpack, an insulated lunch bag, and two plastic totes.

2015-02-18 15.24.09

The car-focused tote includes: Jumper cables, a glass marker, WD40, twine/rope, work gloves, multitool set, cable ties (zip ties), bright vest, wind-up flashlight, and a tarp.

2015-01-26 14.21.52

The backpack holds extra cloths for the boys (hoodie, hat, long sleeve shirt, pants, shoes and 2 pairs of socks) and two small, wool blankets.

This backpack is small and broken. If I had to carry my two babies away from the car, this bag would cause me unending discomfort.  I have a larger, more comfortable backpack that I will probably switch out sometime soon, but I’d like to try to carry the backpack AND sling both my kids before I decide to commit to it.

2015-03-04 12.49.42

Ursula, at Home Made by Carmona (see link below) used an insulated bag for her kit and I thought it would be great for reducing temperature fluctuations on possibly sensitive items, as well as provide another liquid barrier in case of leaks. This one I found has two insulated zippered areas as well as three non-insulated pockets and a very long strap which I thought would come in handy if we had to leave the car. I decided to store personal hygiene items, the first aid kit (not made yet), and a part of the food and water (still collecting) in this bag.

2015-03-04 12.48.54

The top compartment holds the hygiene items in a large seal-able bag.

2015-01-26 14.20.19

Hygiene items (the glow sticks are in the second compartment): deodorant; toothbrushes, paste, dental floss, and hair ties; cotton swabs; nail clippers; lotion, sunscreen, and chap stick; hand sanitizer; liquid body soap; (not shown) diaper rash ointment; and bar soap.

2015-03-04 12.49.16

The bottom compartment holds some bagged water, baby formula, glow sticks, and bottle supplies.

Our doctor’s office hands out free formula samples, so I was able to get some smaller, sealed containers from them to put in this kit. Although, at the same visit, I got the go-ahead to start transitioning my baby to whole milk, so I won’t be needing the formula for much longer!  I realized later that my son uses around 1, 8oz tin of formula a day, so I really should have put three in this kit. But, since we’re moving to milk, I’m not going to worry about it.

2015-01-26 14.17.58

Some ‘dry’ hygiene items are kept in the second tote in their own sealed bag: compact, quick-dry travel towel; feminine pads; ear plugs; and bug repellent wipes.

2015-01-26 14.14.14

The second tote also holds: paper, pens, pencils, and permanent markers; rain poncho; army knife; multitool; super glue; hand warmers; tissue; whistle; extra cording; hook-and-loop ties; waterproof matches; a variety of plastic bags; four space blankets; some extra cash and coins; deck of playing cards; toilet paper; diapers; wipes; and a power adapter.

I have some other things I need to collect, but this will be sufficient for now!


The bulk of my list came from Anita’s article on Live Like You’re Rich The Easy to Build Kit for the Worst of Times… Your Proven 72 Hour Survival Kit!  with some added ideas from the following articles: Family Van Emergency Kit by Ursula at Home Made by Carmona, Car Emergency Kit (With printable list) by Christy at Christy’s Cuties, How to Make a Winter Emergency Survival Kit for Your Car by Jenni at Sweet Pennies from Heaven,  Assembling a Car Emergency Kit with Printable Checklist by Angela at Food Storage and Survival.

January 26, 2015

Random History: Organic Chemistry

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The first time I was in college I didn’t put a lot of effort in to my classes. I mean, I did all the assignments, participated in class discussions, and generally performed well enough. I never tested very well, though, often getting poorer scores than the people I helped, but I was ok with that. Ok enough to not read the text books or learn how to study for tests. Until my senior year when I started Organic Chemistry. I got through the first term with my normal habits and received a B, but, by the second week of the second term, I knew I was in trouble! I dropped out and started over, even auditing the first term again. And this time, I used every resource available and learned how to STUDY!  Crazy!  I worked so hard at it, I couldn’t part with any of my materials … Until now.  Here are too many photos for anyone else to be interested in, but it was pretty significant for me.

The text book. Which I read, highlighted and wrote in:


The study guide for the text book. Which I read and did the activities in.   WOW.


My notebook, which held all my notes and completed activities.


My lab notebook.

DSC00217 DSC00216

The lab book.

DSC00213  DSC00215

This was an optional text to support with the lab. It was fun and easy to read and SO HELPFUL!DSC00209DSC00211DSC00210DSC00212

January 19, 2015

Window Frame Photo Display

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We have a surround-sound system with large, black, speakers hanging in the middle of a big, white wall.  I think it looks cheap and tacky.  But I do love me some surround-sound!  I decided the best way to work with it would be to camouflage the speakers by creating a gallery of photos around them.  Here is one item I made to help with the disguise.  This window came off my aunt’s house and was free to me – woot!

2014-09-24 14.29.06

With some scraping and primer …

2014-11-06 15.12.33

and a finish coat of black

2014-11-12 08.11.27

I have a cheap and attractive frame to contribute to my gallery!

2014-12-31 14.08.53

January 12, 2015

Vintage Leathercraft Kit: “Let’s Do Modern Leathercraft In the Style of the Old West”

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Several years ago, a friend of mine found this at a garage sale. Since I was playing with leather at the time, she got it thinking of me.  Some of the parts for the wallet I made for my husband came from this kit. I am working on finishing projects and reducing my supplies, so eventually, this kit will be used up and then I’ll probably recycle the box somehow, but I wanted to document it for posterity.  It’s a pretty comprehensive kit! And the cover illustrations crack me up.

DSC00103 DSC00104DSC00105DSC00106   DSC00107DSC00108DSC00109

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