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October 18, 2012

Digital medical record access does not apply to patients

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Ok, that is a bit extreme, but I am disappointed to learn that at least one hospital won’t give me my or my son’s medical history in the digital format that is needed to be useful in my PHR. They’ll send me pdf’s of the printed reports, but not the same Continuity of Care Records that they send to other hospitals. So I may have to enter it all by hand, but I’m hoping I was talking to the wrong person (she sounded like a filing clerk and told me I’d get an ‘adobe’ of my records) .

Another, non-goal related show-n-tell I wanted to share today is a project of cuteness! Robin’s Great Aunt knitted a sweater and hat set which was way too big when we got it and since then it’s been too warm … until now! But when I tried to put it on him for the “thank you” picture, the neck hole was way too small. Using a bit of similar colored stretch fabric, I made some bias tape, cut off the ribbed neck, and zig-zag-stitched the heck out of the tape as I sewed it to the sweater. Yay! Then Robin posed for some super cute fall photos!




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