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October 25, 2012

Paperwork progress

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I spent a lot of time and effort picking a digital Personal Health Record program,  since I thought it would make summarizing and sharing Robin’s health information so much easier. But when I was finally ready to print his “emergency profile” sheet and wallet card, I was disappointed in what came out… I had very carefully entered his medications and their doses as well as identifying his specialists, but the print outs just list the drug and doctors names – no other information about them. While it will be ugly, I’m going to write in that information (as well as insurance information) . SO! Robin and my emergency health information have been compiled. (Goal complete! )

I also bought a fireproof safe and have been collecting documents and items to go in it. In an envelope for each family member (including pets) I have gathered (as appropriate) :
1) social security card
2) legal birth certificate
3) passport
4) car title
5) jewelry warranties
6) home and auto insurance policy summaries
7) home inventory (needs to be completed)
8) medical emergency profile
9) vaccine history
10) rabies certificate
11) sub dermal microchip information
12) key copies

What I put in the safe I also put in a password protected digital wallet (and vice versa). I count this week’s second goal as being done! And, as I’ve been getting this all set up, I decided some of it should be available in a household notebook – so I’m checking out blogs for ideas to add to that, too! That will give us some prettier pictures than what we have here:


Even though my house isn’t any more organized than it was, I feel like I’ve accomplished some important and significant things that I would normally put off indefinitely. Go me!


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