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November 3, 2012

Plans Usurped!

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My goals this week were to finish a friend’s height chart and start on Robin’s hospital memory book. But I was diverted by an ant incursion! They came busting out all over our counters and in the main food cupboard! They were teeming over Robin’s medicines! Ick, Eew, GROSS! I abandoned all other activities in favor of CLEANING! It’s not that we’ve been super messy or anything… I think their nest was being drowned in the heavy rain and they had a higher demand for food or something.

Anyhow! I expose my amature blogger skills by forgetting a before picture and by taking too dark, ugly photos. But hey, I’m transforming chaos here! So, I’m cutting myself some slack! 😀

After clearing off the counter, I emptied the cabinet and wiped it down really well. I made my husband very nervous the whole time because I stood on the counter and bent over to rinse my rag off in the sink.


Here’s a closeup of some of the things that needed sorting and cleaning.


Everything got wiped down. I also got to bust out my new label maker and identify my bulk containers with the item name and with the empty container’s tare weight. That will be handy when I go get them filled up again!


While I was putting things away, I took the time to create an inventory list of what I had. This will be useful in my month of meal planning, but also because the storage in this kitchen is so awkward and my food will be in some not-so-intuitive spots, the list will help my husband and I find our food!

Even though it wasn’t part of my plan to start cleaning my kitchen yet, I have made a good start. And, now that it’s started, I feel compelled to keep at it! Remember how I said I cleared off the counter at the very beginning of this post? Well, what I cleared off is spread all over the rest of the kitchen! I need to organize all of that next…


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