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November 13, 2012

Robin’s memorabilia storage

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Some of the odd-sized things to go in the box.

So, Robin is 7 months old and he already has two albums, a baby book, and a medium sized basket full of memorabilia.  I can imagine letting myself try to document every aspect of his life like an archaeologist — I’m pretty sure the Smithsonian will be ecstatic when they are presented with his cataloged life!  OR, I could try to be more reasonable for my own sanity and his.  I did some internet searching (what else is there to do when you’re tethered one-handed to a pump?) and was inspired by/used ideas from several organizing divas.  I used an accordion file in preparation for his entire school experience as DaNita did and printed Jen’s free photo sheets and labels.  HINT: Jen’s grade-level labels encompass 14 years, not 12, so you may consider getting a 16-tab divider or use separate files like she does if you want to use them all.  I also used an idea from Laurel to put it all into a single plastic tub for each child.

THAT was a shopping experience!  At my baby shower my hostess and guests created a lovely album with advice and extra pages for baby memories.  A 12 x 14 inch lovely album.  It was hard finding a lidded container that was big enough, but not too big.  Staples, Office Max, Target and the Container Store’s webpages didn’t have just the right tub.  I was delighted when I found this at Fred Meyers!  The 50 quart, Sterilite Shelftotes are a little taller and longer than anything else I saw in my area.  They aren’t super cute, but they were on sale!

Things are already getting crowded in the tub, though.  I am going to get a legal sized archive box to hold the preemie and hospital things I’m not ready to part with (mainly a teeny-tiny diaper and his first “micro” sized outfit).  But there’s enough vertical space I could put it at the bottom of the bin maybe.


Now my only conundrum is:  Should I go buy two more, in case we go ahead and have more kids?!  O.o


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