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November 16, 2012

Photos, my version of blogging ‘success’, and kitchen progress!

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I’ve tried to keep up several blogs in the past, but I’ve always lost momentum and interest and I finally began actively ignoring them. What I am considering a success with this one is that I’ve kept at it! I’m not counting readers, or outside links. Just the fact that I’ve taken the time, 3 times a week, to contemplate my chaos and solutions.

So, what made my last blogs so hard to keep up? Photos. Taking a good picture on my camera isn’t hard. It’s the downloading the photos later and doing my blog AFTER I’ve done the project. It’s the finding time to go into the office and sit at my computer and try to remember the past to write a whole post.  I am not successful that way!

What seems to be working is using my tablet for taking notes directly in a WordPress app as I’m working and also getting pictures with the tablet which are immediately available for posting into WordPress, too. I do some last minute touch ups on my desktop and then publish from there. But that means I use ugly pictures. And I’ve decided that that’s ok for now. I need less chaos and more success right now and, since ugly pictures make that happen, it’s ugly pictures we’ll be using. 🙂

On another topic, my Auntie came by yesterday and gave me some time and help in cleaning and inventorying the fridge and some cupboards! Yay!
We mostly just rearranged stuff. The lower right cupboard is full of stuff its ok for Robin to play with when he’s crawling and getting into things. I’m going to put in wooden spoons and some other good-to-play-with kitchen stuff.

Here’s the “before”:

Here’s the “so far” (there’s more to be done!):

I promise, that really is more organized!


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