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November 25, 2012

Several mid-progress projects.

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This week started with a trip to the Pulmonologist for Robin where we learned he continues to progress with his lung/breathing health and we were able to lower his oxygen from 1/4 liters per minute to 1/8 liters per minute.  He continues to desat (oxygen levels go below 92%) at night, so we turn him back up to 1/4, but when he’s awake he’s doing great!  He’s also been eating more and more from his bottle, so that is a huge relief! I can’t wait to get rid of these tubes!

I also started three projects that were not on my list of things to do and I completely forgot to take any pictures  Which is fine, I guess, because it’s not all that exciting.  First, Robin nearly weighs 15 pounds now and will be too big for his bassinette soon, so we brought up the crib and, with some hole filling and repairs, we’ve put it together … in the living room.  I haven’t decided if we’re going to use this crib since it’s been recalled or if we’re going to ask Santa-in-law to get us a new one. Either way, we’ll need to do some bedroom rearranging and that is when I’ll take photos.

There was also a changing table who’s shelf boards had gone missing.  I have found some wood in the basement (free!) and need to cut it into three pieces before that can be assembled.

And third, we really need a rain barrel with an overflow valve to move water away from our back door.  It is surprising how many places Home Depot has rubber gasgets. I kept cycling through the 5 areas looking for just the right thing. And I’m still not completely satisfied with what I have.

There has been progress on previously-selected projects.  I keep procrastinating the next step in Robin’s scrapbook:  date all the photos.

But I finally decided on a menu and went grocery shopping today! We will have dinners for a month and breakfast, lunch and snacks for two weeks in the freezer soon — all for $168!! Tomorrow is going to be a lot of work getting all that food ready! But I’m excited – it should be easier and healthier than what we have been doing and, we’ve already demonstrated, way cheaper!!

I will finish the changing table, rain barrel, and meal preparation tomorrow! I will share pictures tomorrow, too!



  1. $168 for the month!? How did you do that! What kind of food did you stock up on?

    Comment by mdeira — November 25, 2012 @ 8:27 am

    • I’m about to post more about that! 😀

      Comment by fairyguts — December 1, 2012 @ 3:43 am

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