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November 29, 2012

Ok,so remember when I said…?

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Why haven’t I posted anything in the last few days? Because the camera in my tablet keeps crashing the whole thing when I try to take a picture! Grr… And as I described in too much detail just a couple posts ago, I am just not successful at blogging unless all the components are working. And they weren’t.

Anyway, we had two appointments this week.   …   It occurs to me, I wasn’t originally going to talk in much detail about Robin’s health here, but it really is integral to my anxiety, exhaustion, and efforts-in-organizing.  It impacts all of my four “focuses” (relationships, health, home, and heart), so I think will!

Feeding clinic was unusually short. Two of the three specialists were absent, yet it still took us an hour and a half. Robin tried thickened sweet potatoes and, after an initial gross-out face, he seemed interested.  Not eager, but interested. We talked about the pros and cons of putting in a g-tube rather than the nose tube. We also talked about when to do another swallow study (next January).  Even though the appointment went well, Robin has been showing increased  signs of reflux the last two days. Not fun for any of us! To do item: call Dr re: reflux meds

The eye exam went well and it was really easy – no forcing Robin still or touching his eyeballs! Did some vision field tests with a cute block and very animated assistant before she put dilation drops in his eyes. We waited a half hour and then the optometrist came and looked at his eyes. Retina and nerve fine, vision right where it needs to be (slightly far sighted right now), and both eyes working together and equally. He said about 50% of preemies end up needing glasses because one of their eyes develops at a different rate from the other.  So we’re not worried about retinopathy anymore, but we are watching for vision differences. We go back in six months and we won’t have to do the dilation again, so it’ll be even faster and easier.

Monday I finished the rain barrel and cut the wood for the changing table too small. :/ I have decided to ask my dad to put it together for me (To do: call dad re: assemble changing table)




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