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December 1, 2012

Introducing my Some-Day-Perfect Sewing Closet!

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I started at this house with my own craft room. It never looked organized, but I navigated it well enough and always had my sewing machines (my Brother serger, my 1974 Kenmore, and my 1954 Elna on a treadle) out and ready to use. Here is one part of the room when it was organized.


And here is a photo showing all of my unfinished projects piled up on my work table.image

Phew!  That’s a lot of stuff!

When I got pregnant, I thought a lot about how to organize our space. We’ve mostly been living like college kids with our computers and projects taking up the living room, but I wanted guests to feel comfortable – not sitting in a computer chair or a couch immediately behind a dining room table. I also knew with a crawling baby and walking toddler, we needed baby proof space for Robin to spend a lot of time in. Instead of turning my craft room into a nursery, I decided to make it our office and make the front room a real living room that is safe for Robin to play in. Either way, I had to drastically downsize my crafting projects and supplies.

I decided that I would keep out my scrapbooking supplies, since I anticipate doing a lot of scrapbooking about our family as well as a few, select sewing projects (snail trail quilt, doll cloths (when we weren’t sure about Robin’s sex), and yarn and embroidery supplies). Everything else either went to Goodwill or up in the attic.  Actually, almost everything went into the attic.  Someday I’ll have an even bigger studio and need all that stuff!

Warren and I moved our computers into the what-was-once-the-craft-room and my supplies were haphazardly crammed into the closet and a bookshelf. Here’s the sewing closet.  It is approximately 41″ x 21″ and 9 feet tall.


Observe my office area and scrapbooking shelf:


It’s all so MESSY!!  I’d like to sew a cover for my household notebook, but I don’t want to get into that closet.  And Warren keeps stepping on stuff trying to get to the window to pull the blind. Some day soon, I’m hoping next week even, I’ll be organizing these spaces so they function. And, after all the blogs I’ve been looking at, maybe they’ll look nice, too!

PS: Go buy something from my Etsy shop – I need the space!!  😀


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