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January 2, 2013

Organizing-my-life progress

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I haven’t given up following the chapters in Organize Now!, I just got distracted with some side projects. My husband and I are working on chapter 6, 7 and 8: finances, bills, and taxes. We’ve made some progress (I have started taking over the bill paying) but today I am going to work on budgeting and filing. Although, of course, this will take a while.

My big meal prepping experiment was motivated by 3 parts health and 2 parts cost, so revisiting it now may be appropriate.  It took us a while to eat the meals I made, but we do still have some left over curry. We still ate out, but not as frequently, so it was partly successful but we need to do better. And while we ate everything, I didn’t really like most of them and they could have been healthier.

So, part of my financial task this week is planning another freezer meal extravaganza! I’ve recently been looking at the blog Momma and Baby Love and think I’ll mostly use her recipes this time. I feel the same way she does about getting maximum vegetables in the meals because my husband (and I) don’t usually eat veggie side dishes. Plus, I’m lazy and making rice or noodles is hard enough for me to do. I’m going to use my energy focusing on storing the leftovers instead. This last time my husband dealt with leftovers which means all of the sauce goes into one big container which leaves us to dish up as much as we want later. I need to be better about storing leftovers in serving sizes with the noodle or rice included. That will help both with portion sizes and getting as many meals as we can out of each dish.

Picking out new recipes is both fun and tedious!


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