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February 20, 2013

Undersink cleaning!

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I got to start a little on the Spring Cleaning/Organizing of the Kitchen. I went through all the cupboards and culled what I could and I found new homes for things that don’t belong in the kitchen. I asked my husband to resolve all the items in the “to return” basket which he did and he went through his stuff that accumulated in his adopted corner of the counter. It’s not done enough to share, but one thing I did get done was cleaning and organizing under the sink! Yay!

I forgot the before photo again, but here is the cupboard empty of things:
2013-02-20 20.41.17

All the stuff under there went on the counter for sorting:
2013-02-20 20.43.02

Here’s what will go back in after it’s cleaned:
2013-02-20 20.50.42

I cut a hole in the lid of this plastic container and stuffed all the plastic bags into it:
2013-02-20 20.54.01

I used Command hooks to hang our gloves (after they’ve dried) and put the dish washing supplies in neatly:
2013-02-20 21.53.07

And then I put the cleaned plastic bag holder, garbage can, and recycling bins back in:
2013-02-20 22.04.46

I debated about trying to label things, or put them into matching containers, but I decided that I usually don’t keep a lot down there. And the only things that get out of hand down there are bags and sponges and they both seem well corralled now. I would like matching and labeled trash/recycling containers, but I have no budget for those types of things right now. Maybe I’ll take a Sharpie to them! And the plastic bag container needs some love, to…


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