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March 14, 2013

Recipe Recycle

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I have to give up my illusions here…

I don’t like to cook.  Sometimes I fantasize that I will become passionate about cooking, so I look at recipes and cookbooks, but I don’t. And so I collect books and recipes on cards and from magazines and I never do anything with them.  I found three recipe card boxes. One had a bunch of Martha Stewart recipe cards that I never used. Another is empty. The third had all the random recipes I DO use crammed in it. Since I am a techy girl, I am abandoning the cards.

I spent the weekend transcribing (or finding online) all of the recipes I would like to someday make and saving them in the recipe app I am using (My Recipes). There are pros and cons to it, of course.  I like that I can tag and sort, make grocery lists, change proportions, but especially that it saves the recipes in my DropBox. It doesn’t let you easily track nutrition information or plan meals and calculate meal nutrition info, but the developer is pretty responsive so it may be a feature someday. Also, it is kind of a pain to add ingredients one at a time – I’d love to be able to just copy/paste from a text file, but that’s pretty unreasonable to expect.

ANYWAY – I am all done! Here’s the stack I recycled:

2013-03-13 23.15.45

There were a few that I wanted to keep because my mom or grandma wrote them, so for now I have put them in plastic sleeves in my Household Notebook in the Meal Planning section.

And here’s the reveal of yet another project: The Family CookBook.  We’ve already made a PDF of the original one (113 pages of recipes, photos, and illustrations), but I’d also like to have them in My Recipes or at least a searchable index available. And then we need a new and updated one! It would be nice to have all the old and new recipes available online when I’m done with it, too.

2013-03-13 23.16.232013-03-13 23.16.44

But, I will save that for another day!!  O.o



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