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March 20, 2013

Office supply shelves

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The next step in my office/scrapbooking organization was to deal with the office supplies. There are more than I would have thought!  At the beginning of this quest of order, the office supplies started out in piles in front of and in the bookcase (lower right).


The Solution was a totally ineffective bookcase hidden behind my husband’s desk. You can see it peeking out there, but what you don’t see is that the shelves that aren’t visible are relatively empty!

2012-09-26 15.49.40

With a little rearranging in February, we moved the shelves out where we could use them and moved the office supplies – which by this time had migrated to a huge pile on the right side of my desk (not pictured) – haphazardly onto the shelves so I could work on that lamp issue.

2013-02-28 14.11.31


I finally sorted the boxes out and finished organizing them. I also put labels on!

2013-03-20 11.49.18

It would be lovely if I could leave the shelves like this (sans my helper):

2013-03-20 11.46.57

But, we have too much stuff, so I had to use the wasted space over the boxes, but it’s still a HUGE improvement!!  Yay!

2013-03-20 11.49.07




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