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April 12, 2013

Baby proofing

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Since his birthday, Robin has been scooting everywhere and we were frantically baby-proofing the house. One thing that needed special attention (and isn’t really quite done), was the Wii.

The internet cord and flashing light was irresistible to Robin. Oh, and it was on the floor. (Darn, no before. Again.)  While the TV was on a sewing cabinet without the sewing machine in it, there wasn’t much room for the Wii without getting in the way of the tv. And, it would still be visible with lots of other plugs and cords around.

So I took the sewing cabinet apart and added a bottom to create a shelf.  I still need to figure out how to put the one side back on so it’ll open and close, but that will be for another day.

Removing screws from the side with the handle that didn’t really open anything:

2013-04-12 12.31.31

Side removed – that was easy! :

2013-04-12 12.31.52

“Shelf” put in. I used peg board so there would be good ventilation in the cabinet.  I did not count on the ‘front’s’ decorative edging to leave the shelf visible. Bleck.  On the other hand, now I didn’t have to worry about drilling holes for electrical wires to come out of!  Also, helper babies don’t really help. They chew.

2013-04-12 15.05.06

So, I screwed the ‘front’ back on and installed the shelf. It is just resting on the edges of the legs. I may go back and add some strips of wood to the sides and across the middle.

2013-04-12 15.44.342013-04-12 15.49.18

I took the handle off the old front and made it the ‘back.’ Except, now I’m not sure how to attach the new front because the legs gain stability by being screwed to it. I may need to cut some holes after all.

2013-04-12 15.50.59

Regardless – it works well holding all the plugs and wires and Wii and Robin has shown no interest in what’s inside!   … for now!



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