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April 18, 2013

Polymer Robin robin

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Before Robin was born, I received a small figure of a woman who had a space in her chest.  While I was pregnant, I kept some paper leaves (for “Sprout”), but once Robin was born, I wanted a little bird to fit in there. I made one out of polymer clay.



Where we were did not have very good ovens for baking it, so I left it ‘raw’ until I got home.  When I did, I burned it up good!  So, while I was experimenting with flour/salt dough, I thought I’d make another one.  … this took a couple tries!

My first idea was that the body was too thick while the little head was too thin, so I decided to use an aluminum foil ball for the center.




Then I added the orange belly:



Rolled it into a tear drop shape and bent the point over a bit for the head:



I like to use ball point pens to make the eyes, but I use a straw that I squish flat to make the faux feathers:




Then I baked it at the lowest setting on my oven (200 f) and still burnt it!DSC05012

So, I made another one (which I liked better, actually), turned the oven off, and let it sit in the slowly cooling oven for 20 minutes.  This time, it seemed to work! It’s not squishy anywhere and not burnt, either – Yay!



And here is the little bird where it will live:



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