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April 19, 2013

Thumbprint Hearts?

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Have you seen this on Pinterest?

heart pendant

I wanted that. So I followed the written directions. Three times.

The dough has been mixed per instructions and a variety of shapes laid out for thumb-stamping.


My first batch got burnt.  I left them in the oven for an hour.  :/ I should have listened to my BRAIN and not the directions…


Second batch I baked for only 15 minutes. They poofed up and obliterated the print marks. They also looked grainy and had crackles that I didn’t like.


Last batch is not photographed, but same results.  Then I turned to polymer clay. Here are the single prints.  I wasn’t sure what I’d like better – singles or combined.  Also, if we have another kid, we’d need to make another combined one and I like the idea of having Robin’s 1yr print separate.


Here is our combined heart. My print on the right, husband’s on the left, and Robin’s fit perfectly where ours overlapped!


I had a lot of brown polymer clay on hand so I decided to make it out of this, and will paint it in silver and black.  I hope it won’t mess it all up!

If you look for more thumbprint hearts like the inspirational photo, you find that people are actually using metal clay to roll, stamp, and then cut out half a heart shape and then soldering the halves together. I was very disappointed in the post that suggested this flour/salt recipe would work.  I did find a different recipe that might be interesting to try that is made of cornstarch and baking soda. But I’m a little burned out on this project now! Maybe later!


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