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June 19, 2013

“Organize Now” progress: Chapter 13

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So, a long time ago, I was working on Chapter 9: Organize Your Files.  I was in the midst of scanning and recycling things – I made progress on old letters, manuals, and recipes.   I never said, but I finished my file organizing!  Now, all I have are four files that I keep on my office tray and use immediately after getting paperwork to file.  I think I felt like I wasn’t done, because there is still a drawer of files, but I am letting those go since they are my husbands. I do not need to worry about them!

I had reviewed how I already have Chapters 10, 11, and 12 done and was ready to start on the next section “Organize Your Things” with Chapter 13: Organize Your Child’s Toys.  This chapter has components that really should be done all year – like discussing the importance of sharing and donating; and, although the author Jennifer Ford Berry doesn’t specifically state it, directly teaching about “enough” and “need” rather than acquisition and consumption; as well as being cognizant of the types of toys available (imaginative rather than … the opposite).  I like the idea of sorting through toys before Christmas, but since it’s June I am settling for scheduling that as an annual chore in my calendar.  Other than that, I feel we have a good handle on toys – Robin is only a year old so we don’t have that many! 😀  One large basket holds his ‘hard’ toys and another large basket holds his ‘soft’ toys.  That is a random segregation, but the stuffed animals take up a lot of space and he doesn’t play with them that often.  This chapter has a lot of great ideas for when the kids get older and toys more numerous and complicated – I’ll be referring back to it as Robin gets older!

2013-06-19 12.25.05

I did decide to split his toys in half for rotation, though.  I loosely filled his accustomed toy basket and put the rest in his second basket in the basement.  I took some of the more developmentally advanced ones out and hope that when I reintroduce them, they’ll be novel enough he tries more things with them other than clicking them together.

2013-06-19 12.25.37


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