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September 28, 2013

Major upheaval.

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I guess we just didn’t have enough chaos going on. Last month we bought a house, moved, went on a four day road trip to California, moved some more and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and CLEANED.  I have been recovering and avoiding fainting due to the heat and my pregnancy.  I guess, at this stage, I could be prone to fainting just from moving quickly. And my arms fall asleep all the time.  It disturbs my sleep and irritates me the rest of the time.

Here are some “before” photos to show where all of our stuff landed after our slap-dash move.  As time progresses and each room’s chaos is tamed, I’ll share more photos, but this is where we started:

The patio by the front door:



The office as you come inside:

DSC00009 DSC00008 DSC00011 DSC00012 DSC00006

Into the house past the office and back towards the door again:

DSC00013 DSC00016

A peak in the laundry room and then the kitchen, dining, and living space:

DSC00043  DSC00015 DSC00017DSC00020 DSC00019

The funky display area in the main room:


Random, nearly empty hall closets:

DSC00024 DSC00025 DSC00026 DSC00027

Guest room:

DSC00037 DSC00038

Craft room:

DSC00041 DSC00040 DSC00039

Master suite:

DSC00031 DSC00030 DSC00029

DSC00036 DSC00032 DSC00033

DSC00034 DSC00035


And finally, where all the stuff ended up, the garage:

DSC00045 DSC00046 DSC00047


We’ve already moved many things out of the garage and into the house. The kitchen is nearly unpacked (we think we’ve found all the kitchen stuff!) and organized and, if you’ve followed me on Facebook, we spent a lot of time on the laundry room (complete post on it’s way!).   We are busy, busy!

I would like to try to come up with a ‘style’ or ‘theme’ for our house to help me decorate.  This is something I am not good at and often end up with boring spaces because I’m such a fanatic of “functional.”  Should be a fun adventure!




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  1. Congrats, again! I like that display area too! I also like the windows — seems as though you get a lot of nice, natural light. And closets! I envy you! I’m sure you’ll come up with a great style that’s also functional. That’s what Pinterest is for (I think)!

    Comment by mdeira — September 28, 2013 @ 6:17 am

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