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October 9, 2014

Laundry room: washer/dryer pedistals

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The first thing we needed in our new home was a washer and dryer. While it was nice to visit my folks a few times a week to do the laundry, the more pregnant I got, the less I wanted to cart our cloths around. After some research and discussion, we decided front loaders would be best for our family. I was undecided for a while. Our pros and cons were evenly balanced. Pros: water and electricity savings = money savings, easier loading/unloading, better energy tax rebates, better consumer guide ratings. Cons: less control over water levels (sometimes I like to use a lot of water depending on soil levels), can’t dye fabric, more expensive initial purchase. Honestly, my deciding factor was mentioned by a friend that she found her kids can reach in to them easier than top-loaders, therefore making laundry a chore they could assume earlier! Wahoo! Decision made!  In fact, Robin (now 2 1/2) can help me load them already!

Once we decided to go with front loaders, I really wanted a platform for them to go on.  It cost $200 EACH for the official manufacturer’s drawers, so that was out.  I looked around on Pinterest for inspiration. One style I saw a lot of used open spaces and laundry baskets, but I could imagine socks and toys getting tossed back there or falling out the back of the baskets and then I’d have to fish them out. I also imagined it’d end up a lint and hair sanctuary and it grossed me out just thinking about getting in there to clean it. So, I decided on drawers.

We measured the space and looked at the listed measurements for the washer and dryer we ordered and drew up a schematic. Just to make things interesting, we were trying to keep the price down by using supplies from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore – including the drawers. Once my Father, an experienced woodworker and contractor, reviewed our plans, we collected our supplies and put it together. The hardest part was finding drawers that would maximize the space and that matched.

2013-09-19 14.25.26

While we were shopping for appliances, we noticed that the cabinets in our kitchen and laundry room were purchased off the shelf at the Home Depot and that they offered a variety of wood pieces and moldings for finishing those cabinets. We decided to buy some of this and cover our platform in the same wood for consistency. This also helped us make the drawers match without having to wait for two, large, well made drawers to arrive at the ReStore. We knew it would be so much easier to get the drawer hardware installed before putting the top on the platform, so we needed the drawers right away.

2013-09-13 21.49.13

Remove the baseboard.

2013-09-14 00.42.58

Build the frame. Level everything as you go! Set the drawer in there just to look nice.

2013-09-14 00.43.26

Step back: looking good!

2013-09-14 14.00.09

Put the facing base on.

2013-09-15 21.58.36

Get husband to install drawer runners and supports.

2013-09-15 23.17.27

Put the top on and start installing the finishing boards.

2013-09-15 23.44.41


2013-09-16 08.09.39

Lay the vinyl. Let Helper Baby pose.

2013-09-16 11.32.46

It’s going to look so nice once the drawers get their new fronts!

Then the day arrived and the washer and dryer were delivered. They were supposed to install them on the platform. But, when they got here, they showed us a piece of paper that they said we were told about when we ordered the appliances (I still haven’t looked that up, but I don’t remember being told this!) which says they can’t install on owner installed platforms.

2013-09-16 14.02.432013-09-16 13.01.33

So, we had to wait for Warren to get home. And then we needed more help, so we called my Dad. Good thing because I miss measured and we had to raise the cupboards so the W/D would fit! I was so embarrassed!  But it all worked out and they look lovely on their special base.

2014-10-06 16.30.532014-10-06 16.30.44


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