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October 27, 2014

Laundry Room: cleaning supplies

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Long ago I started an experiment around cleaning solutions. While I was looking for cleaner recipes to try out, I noticed a rash of Pinterest pins exclaiming “How to Turn a Mason Jar into a Squirt Bottle!” showcasing their finished projects. And, while I laud their accomplishments, I could not see the benefit in that. I couldn’t imagine my hand fitting between the trigger and the mason lid – I’d have to hold my smallest two fingers out. And then, because of the broad lid, I’d have to hold my hand cocked awkwardly perpendicular. But, finally, I was confused … I can understand the interest in using glass over plastic, but why not use the screw-lid glass water or juice bottles already available at most grocery stores? And, since I was using plastic bottles with squirting tops that were so crummy they only worked 60% of the time, I decided to do so.  In the experiment you can see the bottles with juice labels still on them, but following are the snazzed up versions for my snazzed up laundry cupboards.

2013-11-10 16.00.36

Galvanized buckets from a feed store ($8 each).

2013-11-12 14.25.59

An exacto-knife is my vinyl cutter to label my buckets of cleaning equipment.

2013-11-19 18.42.14

Nice and cozy in their home!

2013-11-19 18.41.20

Random storage needs are covered cardboard boxes. “Bulbs,” “Basics,” and “Batteries”


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