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January 26, 2015

Random History: Organic Chemistry

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The first time I was in college I didn’t put a lot of effort in to my classes. I mean, I did all the assignments, participated in class discussions, and generally performed well enough. I never tested very well, though, often getting poorer scores than the people I helped, but I was ok with that. Ok enough to not read the text books or learn how to study for tests. Until my senior year when I started Organic Chemistry. I got through the first term with my normal habits and received a B, but, by the second week of the second term, I knew I was in trouble! I dropped out and started over, even auditing the first term again. And this time, I used every resource available and learned how to STUDY!  Crazy!  I worked so hard at it, I couldn’t part with any of my materials … Until now.  Here are too many photos for anyone else to be interested in, but it was pretty significant for me.

The text book. Which I read, highlighted and wrote in:


The study guide for the text book. Which I read and did the activities in.   WOW.


My notebook, which held all my notes and completed activities.


My lab notebook.

DSC00217 DSC00216

The lab book.

DSC00213  DSC00215

This was an optional text to support with the lab. It was fun and easy to read and SO HELPFUL!DSC00209DSC00211DSC00210DSC00212


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