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June 11, 2015

Gallery wall: initials

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Ages ago, I mentioned a window picture frame I made for our gallery wall. Since I wanted to add some texture and other interest to the space, I decided to make some initials. I went with an art nouveau font, chose a letter for each of our last names, and printed them in a large size.

I drew the letters free hand to opened diaper boxes; cut the letters  out; then used glue, tape, and scrap cardboard to secure all the fold seams, free edges, and flaps.

2014-11-18 08.41.16

I cut up brown paper bags, tore any straight edges, and dipped in watered down glue. I applied two coats to my letters, letting each layer dry. The second layer covered any holes or bubbly edges from the first.

2014-11-23 12.34.08  2014-11-23 12.33.55

I experimented with paint washes and dry rubbing and, in person, the letters look a great deal like leather!

2014-11-25 11.13.26

I tacked them to the wall and, using paper cut to size of the frames I intend to use, I figured out how I wanted the gallery wall to look.

2014-11-29 13.15.32

This changed a lot before we settled on one.  I want to show how I turned two drawers into shelves before I reveal the finished wall. Stay tuned!

The best thing about this project is it was nearly free! I got to use trash and supplies on hand. I did have to buy another bottle of glue, but $2 is a great price for some large decorative pieces! Yay!


March 12, 2015

Car service tracking

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Since I was organizing my new-to-me car, I decided to be more diligent about tracking the maintenance.  I found a template in Google Drive that looked pretty good, but I wanted to track my fuel purchases as well.  And, since I was going to do that, I decided I needed a way to put the data in the spreadsheet while I am in my car at the gas station.  So with some editing and input from my friend, Amanda, who is more familiar with the formulas and functions, I have a spreadsheet that meets my needs! Woot!

Now, when I’m at the gas station, I can take out my phone and click a bookmark

2015-03-11 03.33.50

that opens the form which will put the data into my spreadsheet.

2015-03-11 03.34.21

The next step is to get the form to return some information, like “Your next _____ will be due in ____ miles.”


January 26, 2015

Random History: Organic Chemistry

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The first time I was in college I didn’t put a lot of effort in to my classes. I mean, I did all the assignments, participated in class discussions, and generally performed well enough. I never tested very well, though, often getting poorer scores than the people I helped, but I was ok with that. Ok enough to not read the text books or learn how to study for tests. Until my senior year when I started Organic Chemistry. I got through the first term with my normal habits and received a B, but, by the second week of the second term, I knew I was in trouble! I dropped out and started over, even auditing the first term again. And this time, I used every resource available and learned how to STUDY!  Crazy!  I worked so hard at it, I couldn’t part with any of my materials … Until now.  Here are too many photos for anyone else to be interested in, but it was pretty significant for me.

The text book. Which I read, highlighted and wrote in:


The study guide for the text book. Which I read and did the activities in.   WOW.


My notebook, which held all my notes and completed activities.


My lab notebook.

DSC00217 DSC00216

The lab book.

DSC00213  DSC00215

This was an optional text to support with the lab. It was fun and easy to read and SO HELPFUL!DSC00209DSC00211DSC00210DSC00212

January 19, 2015

Window Frame Photo Display

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We have a surround-sound system with large, black, speakers hanging in the middle of a big, white wall.  I think it looks cheap and tacky.  But I do love me some surround-sound!  I decided the best way to work with it would be to camouflage the speakers by creating a gallery of photos around them.  Here is one item I made to help with the disguise.  This window came off my aunt’s house and was free to me – woot!

2014-09-24 14.29.06

With some scraping and primer …

2014-11-06 15.12.33

and a finish coat of black

2014-11-12 08.11.27

I have a cheap and attractive frame to contribute to my gallery!

2014-12-31 14.08.53

January 12, 2015

Vintage Leathercraft Kit: “Let’s Do Modern Leathercraft In the Style of the Old West”

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Several years ago, a friend of mine found this at a garage sale. Since I was playing with leather at the time, she got it thinking of me.  Some of the parts for the wallet I made for my husband came from this kit. I am working on finishing projects and reducing my supplies, so eventually, this kit will be used up and then I’ll probably recycle the box somehow, but I wanted to document it for posterity.  It’s a pretty comprehensive kit! And the cover illustrations crack me up.

DSC00103 DSC00104DSC00105DSC00106   DSC00107DSC00108DSC00109

December 31, 2014

Play kitchen

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I made a play kitchen for the boys for Christmas and it has been a huge hit these last few days! Robin knows exactly what to do with it.  He knows the little pot holders are for opening the oven and taking the muffin pan out. He knows the washrags are for washing dishes and the towel is for drying. He spends so much time playing and playing and (the best part!) when I cook, he cooks.  Here are some photos of the creation.  Most of the supplies came from The Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Two drawers and an old, kitchen cupboard:

2014-08-18 17.45.53

With a screwdriver, the drawer fronts come off and leave two boxes. I cut the fronts down for the oven doors.

2014-08-18 19.03.32

All parts cut up, sanded, filled and sanded again.

2014-09-01 19.16.40

I guess I didn’t take any in between photos, so here is the finished set!

2014-12-29 09.56.36 2014-12-29 09.56.11 2014-12-29 09.55.18 2014-12-29 09.52.02 2014-12-29 09.51.20 2014-12-29 09.51.10 2014-12-29 09.49.13 2014-12-29 09.48.54

Material list:

ReStore:  2 drawers (10% off) = $7.20; Drawer handles (10% off) = $2.25; faucet = $8.75; towel hook = $0.10; cupboard (50% off) = $2.50; cabinet hinges (for fridge) = $2.30; stove knobs = $0.50

Fred Meyer’s:  Screws = $1.49

Goodwill:  cookie tin (for sink) = $0.99

Home Depot: Paint and supplies = $43.86; rubber feet = $5.85; screws = $1.18; magnetic latches = $3.92; no clearance hinges (for oven) = $10.98

The Dollar Tree: Oven racks = $1, kitchen towel = $1

Total (not including paint): $50.01

And I could have kept it cheaper if I’d been willing to wait and watch the ReStore for hinges, latches, and rubber feet. And, if I weren’t being picky about paint color, I could have gotten much cheaper paint there, too.

November 3, 2014

Random History: The Holy Grail

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I actually still feel guilty for recycling this.  I was involved in high school theater for my senior year and was really just a stage hand – never leading material.  The theater people were relatively accepting of me and I got to go to a couple parties, one of which was spent transcribing Monty Phython’s Holy Grail.  It was fun to contribute to the arguments around dialog, background comments, and especially how to type certain sound effects.  I do not know if this was my copy, or the only copy, but it was time to let it go.  I apologize if it was the only one …




“The Script, of The Soundtrack, of The Movie, of the Python Presentation, of The Retelling of the Great Classic, of The Myth, of The Legend, of The Unproven Hearsay, of The See Webster’s Dictionary for the Definition of the Above – Better Known as…

(Alias)(Wik) *(Da Duh Da Daaaaa)*


(and we really mean it)

(also also wik)

— the strictly unofficial script of the movie, done in a fit of boredom by a whole lot of people– touched up again by Ralph the Wonder Llama (How time flies), and Svend’s Moose.

Assorted above silliness, commentary, and editing by Timothy ‘Tronic a.k.a. Andrew Mansfield”


October 22, 2014

Crochet Toy Baskets

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DSC00202  DSC00194

I was storing the living room toys in a basket in the media cabinet. It worked well for a while, but my helper-baby, aka danger-baby was starting to break it and use it for even more danger. I needed something else to hold the toys, but not structured enough to be used as a step ladder.  After a look through Pinterest for inspiration, I decided to crochet some baskets using old t-shirts, scrap fabric, and left over yarn. They turned out pretty nice and even my littlest baby can get at what he wants.

2014-09-29 09.34.36 2014-09-29 09.34.45


PS: Toys rarely stay in the baskets right now.

October 20, 2014

Random History: HS WordPerfect Manual

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When I was in high school the “Computer Science” class was mostly about using WordPerfect and Excel (or what would become Excel). We ended up making ourselves a manual for all the different correspondence and forms we would need to use with the appropriate formatting. I wrote some silly things in here, so was holding on to it.  But I don’t need it and recycled it recently.

These pictures are really for me, but everyone’s welcome to read them sideways!

DSC00246DSC00245 DSC00244 DSC00243 DSC00242 DSC00241 DSC00240 DSC00239 DSC00238 DSC00237 DSC00236 DSC00235 DSC00234 DSC00233 DSC00232 DSC00231 DSC00230

October 7, 2014

A Return to Methodical Organizing

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In a previous post, here, I talked about skipping “Chapter 14: Organize Your Crafts” of the book Organize Now! because we were going to be moving soon. Well, it’s been over a year since we moved and I can finally say my craft organization is done! Welcome to my craft room!  (Another photo-heavy post!! Sorry for the loading delay!)

I like to hang my fabrics for visibility. I am doing much better at sticking to my “no project, no fabric” (I have to have a SPECIFIC project in mind if I buy any fabric) rule, which explains why I have a relatively small amount of fabric.


Alright, the closet isn’t immaculate, but my theory is this: those are mostly projects in this area and as I finish the project, it will leave the closet. So the best way to reach optimal closet cleanliness is to finish the projects. So, this is ok.


But, the rest of the room is perfect!  My old stereo is easily accessible – I still use it quite a bit! And it’s lovely having ALL of my crafting books right here with me! (The closed closet door clears up that closet mess)


I work hard to keep my leg room clear, otherwise I avoid working at the table and that leads to messes everywhere else in the house (ie: the kitchen counter).


And here is the best part: My peg board! It has all the tools and notions for all my crafts (other, bigger and messier tools are in the garage).  I get all a-twitter at the color ordered items! Oooo!



Closer look at the color scale of supplies.

All of my machines are out and ready to use, although, I am planning on sewing covers for them to reduce dust and to keep little fingers from spinning knobs or getting poked or cut on needles or knives.

Some closeups:

I decided not to decorate my tin cans since I wanted the rainbow supplies to be the focus of color interest.

2014-10-06 12.36.05

Here are all my leather working supplies. I made a quick leather strap to hold my alphabet stamps and a shelf with scrap lumber for the other tooling stamps.

2014-10-06 12.36.17

The part of this whole project that took the longest was deciding how to store the craft paints. I wanted to be able to see the colors, but have flexibility for waxing and waning supplies. It also needed to be able to fit with the other color items (a wooden divided box was less flexible) and it needed to be CHEAP. I bought 100 4″ pegs for $20, so most of the paint hammocks cost $0.40.

2014-10-06 12.36.35

I had the same cost issue with the ribbons. Everything I could come up with cost between $2 – $6 for each one and since I had 10 rows of color I wanted, that was $20-$60.  WAY too much for my taste!  So, with $0.40 worth of pegs and about $0.33 for wooden dowels, I ended up spending under $8 for the ribbon holders.

2014-10-06 12.36.53

I finally spun all my embroidery floss onto paper bobbins and, with $1 at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, got me a dozen shower curtain rings to corral them.  Each serger thread cone is on it’s own 4″ peg.

2014-10-06 12.37.04

And, some final random progress pics:


Blank wall.


Peg board up and getting painted.


Messy embroidery floss!


Didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would with the help of this winder!


Winding ribbon onto receipt-paper spindles (make a cashier your friend!).


Wound ribbon.

2014-09-29 19.34.20

Some cut leather and two rivets – DONE!

2014-09-29 19.35.03

Wrapped and ready to hang.

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